Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tag - I'm it

PetaPledger - gorgeous girl and clever seamstress and designer (PetaPledger.etsy.com) - tagged me so here goes....
Here are the rules:
* Mention the rules on your blog.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six others
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they are tagged.

Six Things About Me

1. I've twiddled my hair since I was a little girl (usually my fringe)

2. I have an unhealthy relationship with WillyWonka's Neon Nerds and am not allowed to have them anymore because I compulsively eat them until i make myself ill and my teeth ache

3. I speak Spanish with a Uruguayan accent, having originally learned it from a Uruguayan family (a bit like learning English with a Welsh accent or something)

4. I collect old editions of Dickens novels, teapots, and more recently, vintage Bambi and fawn figurines.

5. If I were a car, I'd be an E-type Jaguar:

6. Top Fave songs are Makes me Wanna Holler (Inner City Blues) by Marvin Gaye, A Tisket A Tasket by Ella Fitzgerald, My Funny Valentine by Elvis Costello. I'm also obsessed with Burt Bacharach.


petapledger said...

This is so interesting! Keep away from those Nerds, OK? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Pleased to make your acquaintence. First of all I love your style and your seamstress work - truly extraordinary reproductions!

Secondly, thank you for how ever and why ever you came to my blog. I thought it was only the divine miss Susieprue that was reading me. Glad to know I'm not always barking into the internet -tubes and echoing.

Been in a foul mood for the last few months. I apologize if I came across gratingly, but I am a passionate and angry person. I'd be lying if I wrote as anything but, you know?

P.S. Neon nerds? I had no idea?!

P.P.S. George Orwell rocked my world.

Maisy Brown said...

Darlene - re George - he's turned out to be quite the prophet, hasn't he?
Nah, you didn't grate at all. I relate actually - that's just how it goes down sometimes. It *will* improve, though.
Ps. Neon Nerds - I know, I know!!

AnastasiaC said...

Hi Maisy
thanks for visiting my blog!! I'll do my 6 things soon...i collect vintge childrens books but do love your baby deers ...just gorgeous! and i love that little girl photo of you - so sweet!

michvanetta said...

Oh how I love Jags and the Spanish language, (mine - what I can speak - would be more of a Bolivian accent)

Maria said...

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Minnie Palmer said...

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