Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Academy of Gentle Arts

What a gorgeous shop name! It conjures up so many wonderful images, doesn't it? Old-fashioned, charming, delicate creations spring to mind, made by fragile-boned ladies who most likely wear bonnets when they are out of doors, to protect their delicate complexions! The first lovely thing I came across in this sweet etsy shop was this charming, evocative mobile:

It's called the Homing Pigeon Mobile, and is completely hand-cut by Madeleine, the store owner. In her etsy store you will find babies' rattles, children's clothes and rag dolls, and paper mobiles.

I was so taken by Madeleine's style that I asked her to write a quick version of the etsy interview used on the front page for featured sellers, and here it is, in her own words:

My name is Madeleine, I live and work in Melbourne.

I mostly just create things. for a day job I work as a model and prop maker in the film industry, I also am an animator and sometimes director and art director. I also do lots of gardening and cooking and making quince jelly when its the season.

I have always made things I guess I just like using my hands, I became focused on having a creative career once I decided 10 years as a waitress was enough and quit vowing never to return. I never did, thank goodness. Sometimes I do get what I call "secretary envy" where I wish for a stable job where I know what is going to happen but it soon passes.

I have a studio in my home its also our storage room so sometimes I fight for space with a drum kit. I tend to end up getting things out of the studio and working all over the house no matter how much I try not to. I do a lot of thinking and sketch down ideas when they come to make at a later date. I tend to want to do everything all at once and start with cutting things from paper and the next minute the sewing machine is out, and then I am thinking of doing some woodwork and then glass etching and suddenly I have to bring it all back to just the idea in front of me and get that finished.

I guess the handmade possession I most cherish is my home, I know that is a rather large object. It is so cosy and nice and its where I get so much done. I used to travel a lot and never feel settled and now I do and I really like it.

My favourite books are anything by Ian McEwan, especially Saturday
Most things by Murakami except Norwegian woods which annoyed me.
Annie Proulx books.
An Atlas
My book from 1835 called The Sunday Companion which is a compilation of weekly newsletters full of bizarre tips and information.

I love a lot of different music at the moment i'm loving
Andrew Bird
Oliver Mann
Listening to RRR public radio

websites I check regularly are
Small magazine
The Lort Smith lost dogs home (we are thinking of getting a dog)
a blog called mint

In ten years I'd like to have some chooks and some children and a full and busy house and to be using my hands to make things I love.


gavan said...

Madeleine. This is exciting and beautiful work. Good luck from Gavan

monster paperbag said...

I love McEwan, too :). My favorite novel of his is definitely Atonement.