Thursday, December 11, 2008


My daughter and I loved the comedy show 'Will and Grace'; in one episode Jack was attending a spelling bee and got the word 'doily' to spell...which stumped him, but then he had the bright idea 'Oh, I know! Like: "he walked doily down the street!"' and did a mincy little pose to illustrate. We all fell about.

That phrase has stayed with us ever since, especially because I do actually have a thing for doilies, (I collect them in fact, along with vintage tablecloths) so when I recently made a natural linen wedding dress - decorated with antique doilies and with the bodice made from a vintage 50s-60s barkcloth tablecloth - I just had to dub it "She Walked Doily Down the Aisle'. If you've seen the episode, you'll appreciate the joke! It's a strapless, pull-on dress, boned for support and elasticated both at the waist and across the top back edge. The skirt is very tapered with a luxuriously swishy fishtail.

Antique hand-tatted trim and tablecloth applique roses

Huge over-sized chintz roses in gorgeous shades of coral, peach, pink, yellow and cream are dotted here and there:

Don't forget you need to have an impressive back view as well when you walk down the aisle - this beautiful, upcycled vintage 60s silk scarf tie certainly does the trick! I cut it to make the most of the design and the delicious fall of the silk. The colors perfectly match the roses in the barkcloth tablecloth bodice:

For me, the piece de resistance is the wonderful antique lace adorning the cummerbund, which is very special: it dates back to the civil war period. Please click on the pic in order to zoom in and see more detail. The 3D butterfly, which I made from a very old doily (!) is a perfect finish to this very feminine, vintage look:

You'll find this one of a kind dress in my etsy store (please click on the etsy store pics to the left). I'm keen to make more of these so if you wish to discuss an original, custom-made dress in a particular colorway or materials, don't hesitate to contact me:

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tag - I'm it

PetaPledger - gorgeous girl and clever seamstress and designer ( - tagged me so here goes....
Here are the rules:
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* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
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Six Things About Me

1. I've twiddled my hair since I was a little girl (usually my fringe)

2. I have an unhealthy relationship with WillyWonka's Neon Nerds and am not allowed to have them anymore because I compulsively eat them until i make myself ill and my teeth ache

3. I speak Spanish with a Uruguayan accent, having originally learned it from a Uruguayan family (a bit like learning English with a Welsh accent or something)

4. I collect old editions of Dickens novels, teapots, and more recently, vintage Bambi and fawn figurines.

5. If I were a car, I'd be an E-type Jaguar:

6. Top Fave songs are Makes me Wanna Holler (Inner City Blues) by Marvin Gaye, A Tisket A Tasket by Ella Fitzgerald, My Funny Valentine by Elvis Costello. I'm also obsessed with Burt Bacharach.