Monday, June 23, 2008


Isn't the vintage Jantzen advertisement, above, to die for? I owned a Jantzen swimsuit in the 60s as a little girl, and it was the best swimsuit I've ever owned - two toned colour-block, navy blue and puce pink, one-piece scoop back with a little hipster belt, made from that wonderful thick stretch fabric you just can't get anymore (don't you think lycra leaves nothing to the imagination??). I wore that swimsuit to death, and, pre-empting my vintage salvaging of later years, even cut it in half and made it into a two piece when I outgrew it, at the ripe old age of 9!

I've almost finished my black and white 1940s - 1950s style two piece swimsuit! I'm loving it! I'm just finishing off the lining on the bikini bottoms, but here's the finished bullet bra style top:

The darting and pleating give it a classic shape. The next time I make one, I'm thinking of interfacing it to give it more stiffness, to really impart the bullet bra feel. The back view is really cute:

I've been browsing vintage swimsuits for inspiration, whenever I take a break from my sewing. I've found a few lovely photos, included below. I'll definitely be thinking about making my own version of this lace maillot:

Isn't this cute:

It was sold recently on ebay, boohoo. Oh, well - I can always make my own!
I have a modest collection of vintage swimsuits myself (modest, because I started selling them off a while back). I have a 60s Catalina one-piece in bright canary yellow and white gingham (currently in rehab as I'm removing the overly stiff cup liners), and my favourite is a black, brown and white FRINGED 1960s one piece - see pic below (forgive stunned mullet expression, won't you):

It's awesome, and I will never part with it! Hmm...maybe I should think of doing some fringed swimsuits....Anyway, I'd better get back to my bikini bottoms. In the meantime, here's a cute postcard-style photo of a 1950s bathing beauty sitting on a pile of coffee beans -
Love that bikini!:


Anonymous said...

Please do some fringed swimsuits, that one is too gorgeous.

Maisy Brown said...

lol, I know, I know! Don't worry, I'm working on it!

Anonymous said...

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